Trying To Get Pregnant

Stacking the odds in your favour.

Making babies is supposed to be so natural that it just happens, but Nature often needs a little nudge. Here are a few ideas that may help put you over the line.

Timing is everything

The clock starts on the first day of a woman’s period.
Fourteen days later the egg is ready.
This egg will survive for about one day.
The sperm will survive for about two to four days.
So around this time, about halfway through a woman’s menstrual cycle, is when Dad is called to action.

It looks easy, but Nature is not a machine. Most eggs arrive around the fourteenth day, but some arrive sooner, some later, and even in the same women there are variations. I am very lucky to find this video that explain the process for fertilization.

In the old days we used to graph temperature to try to predict the egg’s release. Now there’s much more accurate method. You can buy a kit from the pharmacy that will test urine or saliva and tell you with 99 percent certainty the two days within which ovulation will occur.

Why not try these method to increase the odds of getting pregnant?

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