A Brief Introduction

While we’re coasting along, waiting for Baby to make an appearance, it is worth stopping to think about the mind-boggling statistics of reproduction. Truly, the odds of you being you are infinitesimal. When a man ejaculates during sexual intercourse, semen spurts out into the top of his partner’s vagina and deposits literally millions of sperm there. This may seem an astonishing number considering just one ovum is waiting to be fertilized, but up to 99 percent of the semen drain away from the vagina after intercourse.

Each woman has the capacity to make one million eggs, or each ovary is capable of carrying 500,000 eggs. Obviously only a small proportion of these will be used, just one or two a month, while the next cab off the rank beeps its horn to get going. Overall, a woman will probably release about 400 eggs in her lifetime.Meanwhile,  a man will produce many trillions of sperm. On one sexual encounter he will release up to 500 million. (Yes-500 million.) You wonder why it can take awhile to conceive with that many tadpoles swimming around, but it’s a difficult journey and only the strongest survive.

Actually, it’s staggering to think how you ever came to be here in the first place. All the people in the world, all those eggs and sperm, and here you are. There’s no-one else like you. And there’ll be no-one else like your baby either. Life is a miracle.



Sperm are being nourished all the time by secretions in the seminal fluid and cervical mucus. For example, one chemical ...
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