Commitment for Baby

When we talk about the word ‘commit’, committing murder may spring to mind. The difference here is that the sentence for committing to children is life, not fifteen years or so!

Joke aside, this time before the baby arrives is a time for you to make a shared commitment to your partner. Everyone will be happy to share the joy and wonderment of a new baby, but we mustn’t forget the messy bits of childhood, the sleepless nights, the sickness and the worries about every facet of being responsible for a small, helpless person.

And those caring for Baby should ideally make a commitment to themselves to be as healthy as possible. We’re talking about the long haul. You’re going to need a body that will see you through. It needs to be nourished with healthy food, a bit of activity, at most only moderate alcohol intake and avoidance of smoking and other harmful substances.

A healthy environment also requires stability. In a home with children the best path is usually the most peaceful path. Dramatic confrontation should be rare. (Toddlers may have their own ideas about this but we do not need to join in the fun). Your family, whether it’s made up of Mum and Dad or an array of aunties, grandparents and second cousins, needs to share a commitment to a stable and loving environment.

Children thrive when their families are happy and united. This provides the foundation for emotionally intact adults. If there are problems at home that go beyond the usual wear and tear of family life they need to be resolved peacefully. This may require new skills and at time superhuman effort. We can all agree that the effort is worth it, when we see happy and secure children growing into happy and secure adults.

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