Charting the Course

It takes at least a year’s planning to sail around the world. The sailor who means to survive and succeed takes the time to plot a course that will as far as possible avoid pirates and tornadoes but allow for squally days and difficult tides. When we plan a family, it’s easy to drift along unprepared or at the other extreme frighten ourselves rigid with the fear of failure.

Let’d for a moment take an idealistic approach and assume that there is time to plot our course a few months before we embark. This site is a map and a guide. It aims to help you sail into new water happily and survive the odd day of drenched exhaustion.

If the mooring ropes have slipped away and you have set sail on this journey of a lifetime, you may wish to join us in later part, in which Baby is ready to join us, and the adventure really begins. Otherwise, let’s tale a little time to prepare.

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