HCG Pregnancy Test Strip

Clinical Guard® One Step HCG Pregnancy Test Strip, test pregnancy by detecting the presence of the HCG hormone in your urine. This is a cheaper alternative compare to other brands like, First Response Gold, Accu-Clear Early Pregnancy Test or Clearblue Easy.

  1. Get your Clinical Guard® One Step HCG Pregnancy Test Strip.  clinicalguard-100-hcg-pregnancy 01_pregnancy_test_strip
  2.  Remove the package to reveal the strip. Dip the strip in your urine for 5 seconds and carefully place the strip of the package. clinicalguard-100-hcg-pregnancy-testing 02_pregnancy_test_strip_cup clinicalguard-100-hcg-pregnancy-tested
  3. Now focus on the result area.03_pregnancy_test_strip_result
  4. Watch the video to see the testing process.

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